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What is PHOTAX?

This is a daily photo blog, an effort that started in February or March of 2014, inspired by the work of the great Dan Lenore.  I started distributing photos by email on June 15, 2014, with a photo of each day, and also working back through my archive of daily photos (and now, not at all daily, just the best of each day that I took pictures). As with any photo site, fewer words = better, so ’nuff said.



Please note that I retain all rights.  Non-commercial uses are nearly always allowed upon request.

More below: The First Post (and explanations), followed by Technical Stuff

Here is the post that launched the page, with a note of explanation:

June 23, 2014
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6.15.14: pictures of today and yesterday

Well, it’s kind of like jumping out of an airplane or starting the first page of War and Peace. Inspired by the great Photo of the Day from my guru, Dan Lenore, I’ve been taking a photo a day for several months and identifying it as such (or sometimes two). I’ve finally come to grips with the requests to share them, so I’ve decided to send out the photo of today, and also work backwards through my inventory until I run out of photos or energy, whichever comes first. You’ll get a message from me with the subject as the date. I’m hoping that generally there will be little or no text other than very brief captions. And your feedback is always appreciated.

I’m starting with a small distribution list, and I’ll add anyone who requests via e-mail at fredtep, so either tell your friends and family, or don’t. Conversely, I’ll gladly remove you from the list anytime you ask. I hope in the near future to archive these on the web, as well, but the near future has a way of fleeing as fast as I approach it.

If you like this concept, I highly recommend Dan Lenore’s Photo of the Day that started all this. You too can receive it every day simply by sending him a request at


6.14.14 (b) – Tiffany Building, & 6.14.14(b) – Farmers Market

6.15.14 – Jackson’s, tree


Nearly all of the images since January of 2014 were taken on a Canon S-100, a very small camera with relatively powerful features.  To the dismay of my family and friends, I carry it in the Canon leather belt case nearly all of my waking hours.  The photos are mostly taken quickly, a few seconds after something catches my eye.  I take one or a few images, and in a few seconds move on.

The only significant downside of the S-100 is intrinsic to very small cameras: very little background blur, or bokeh, as Japanese photographers are reported to say. I also wish the camera had an optical viewfinder, but, to quote the poet, you can’t always get what you want. Some of these images are taken on a Canon EOS 450 digital single lens reflex (DSLR), usually with a prime (non-zoom) lens, and sometimes using a lens from the 1960s or 1970s, providing wonderful background blur, exceptional sharpness, and a much more enjoyable experience for the photographer. But the act of putting a big camera to your face is much more noticeable than what I can achieve with the tiny S-100.


Prior to the S-100, the camera I carried was usually a Canon A590 (preceded by an A570, preceded by an A540, etc.).  These are also tremendous cameras

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